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3 de agosto de 2021
Reading Room

The Culture House offers a permanent Reading Room with over 5 thousand available publications ranging from mangas to geographic maps. The space promotes the literary universe through initiatives that awaken the public’s interest, thus stimulating

3 de agosto de 2021

The Culture House Auditorium is the stage for lectures, workshops, and free film screenings open to the entire community. It is, in fact, the only movie theater in the city. With a seating capacity of

3 de agosto de 2021
Exhibition Hall

This broad space, almost 120 m² and 8-meter-high walls, hosts meaningful exhibitions produced by local artists and others from all around the country. This Exhibition Hall is the only one to be found within a

3 de agosto de 2021
Outdoor Stage

Every month the Culture House’s Outdoor Stage hosts concerts featuring local artists as well as other cultural events such as soirees, recitals, theater plays and dance and circus performances. Equipped with lighting and sound systems,

3 de agosto de 2021
Exhibition Corridor

Here you will find Canaã Tem, a permanent exhibition in honor of the city of Canaã dos Carajás, which generates a truly positive impact on the city’s inhabitants. Canaã Tem, a photo-poetic show The show

3 de agosto de 2021
Historical Collection

This space values the memory of the city of Canaã dos Carajás and the region, revealing past facts and weaving them into present dialogues and reflections. Its mission is to locate, rescue, classify, register, catalogue,