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Canaã dos Carajá Culture House’s educational actions permeate all the four action axes (Cultural Diffusion, Reading Room, Historical Collection, and the Music, Dance and Theater School). These activities, suitable to all ages and completely cost-free, take place regular and permanently. In addition to this, these actions go beyond the walls of the Culture House, reaching out to peripheral neighborhoods, rural areas, social assistance institutions, as well as other collectives.

Guided visits and storytelling sessions are also held in the mornings and afternoons, on a daily basis, as a fruit of the partnership with the City Department of Education.

A summarized description of these educational activities can be seen below:



Two workshops dealing with different themes are held monthly at the Culture House. Given by people regarded as masters in their arts, these workshops take place along the day in different places and last 4 hours.
8 a.m. to noon – Rural area / peripheral neighborhood.
4 p.m. to 6 p.m. – Social assistance institution.
6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. – Canaã dos Carajás Culture House.

Besides being entirely free, all the necessary material for the workshops is also granted for free by the Culture House. The results are displayed at the House’s gallery for a one-month period, after which they are given back to the participants.

Guided visits

Every semester the Culture House hosts exhibitions coming from all over Brazil. These are open to spontaneous visitation as well as for guided visits. School groups, public and private institutions, NGOs or any other interested groups may request a guided visit. It starts with the screening of a documentary film, then a tour around the exhibition in the company of our educators. At the end, an educational activity takes place with participants, bringing together the whole route experienced by the group.

In order to make the access easier, the Culture House has established a partnership with Canaã dos Carajás’ City Department of Education so as to provide free school busses beyond the schools’ time schedule. Thus, students may visit the exhibitions without compromising their formal schooling process.

In addition to this, the Culture House makes available, for free and during the whole day, a micro-bus that serves those groups that have scheduled the guided visits in advance.


Every month the Culture House holds a lecture that deals with themes related to art and culture. The lectures are given by recognized individuals or professors from renowned universities who address the chosen themes more deeply.  


In this activity participants will be given tips of books, articles and video works by one of our mediators. The group chooses one of the recommended contents, and then a round of debates takes place, allowing everyone to freely express opinions and share experiences. This dynamic promotes socialization through the sharing of different experiences. It is also an opportunity to divulge the program and the activities offered by the Culture House, and to identify new actions that may be in the best interest of the community.

Reading club

Through personal statements, this project stimulates the exchange of literary titles among participants who share perceptions and experiences concerning the books they happen to be reading at the moment. The proposal integrates the books into the daily lives of readers, who are motivated to access the Reading Room collection and other spaces of the Culture House as well. The Reading Club, in favoring the habit of reading, strengthens the taste for it among the members of the community, thus especially benefiting students of the public and private school networks.


Everything begins with a casual talk and, in turn, the storytelling itself takes place stimulating the interest for reading and the discovery of new languages. The initiative awakens creativity and critical thinking, exploring ways to allow children to dream! Thus, storytelling feeds our imagination, creativity and orality, besides contributing to the participants’ process of intellectual and social education. The activity is open to students from the public and private school systems as well as the community as a whole.

Talk with the Pioneers

Every two months the House holds a talk with the “pioneers”, those individuals who formed the city of Canaã dos Carajás and bring in themselves the city’s regional cultural expressions. In this initiative, the “pioneers” share their knowledge and tell stories about the city. The action is held within the premises of the Culture House and seeks to attract public attention to the House’s collection.

A Historical, Touristic and Cultural Ride

Aiming to value the memory of Canaã dos Carajás, the historical ride takes participants around to get to know the city’s historical marks, and talks about the foundation of the city, its vocation and facts that marked its history. In addition to this overview, the ride will also address the history of extinct city schools, something that will shed light on the ways taken as the city expanded.

The ride comes to an end in the rural area where you will find regional cultural manifestations, besides having a break that will allow you to taste some of the region’s culinary treats at the house of one of the “pioneers”, an outstanding city resident who will always have some curious stories to tell about Canaã dos Carajás.

Rua Esmeralda, 141
Nova Canaã II
Canaã dos Carajás, PA


Espaço aberto à visitação de segunda a sábado, das 8h às 19h. Acompanhe, também, nossa programação on-line.


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