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Canaã dos Carajás Culture House features large and comfortable physical spaces that host activities connected to its four axes of action: cultural diffusion, the reading room, the historical, and the music, dance and theater school. The rooms were built so as to enable visitors to comfortably walk through the spaces without a predefined sequence. This way, each visitor is totally free to create his/her own route.

The Culture House, concerned with the people’s health, is temporarily closed to visitation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Several online activities are, nevertheless, available. Check the program at this website.  

Exhibition Corridor
Exhibition Hall
Historical Collection
Outdoor Stage
Reading Room

Rua das Esmeraldas, 141
Jardim das Palmeiras
Canaã dos Carajás/PA



A Casa da Cultura de Canaã dos Carajás está temporariamente fechada à visitação devido ao surto de COVID-19.

Consulte nossa programação.


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